ICAPS Workshops

The list of workshops for the ICAPS conference in Delft (June 25-26 2018) has been published. All have deadlines early March 2018 and notifications in April. Please click the links below for details.

Acronym Workshop Organizers
COPLAS Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Planning and Scheduling Roman Bartak
Miguel Salido
HSDIP Heuristics and Search for Domain-Independent Planning Daniel Gnad
Michael Katz
Nir Lipovetzky
Guillem Francès
Christian Muise
Miquel Ramírez
Silvan Sievers
DMAP Distributed and Multi-Agent Planning Antonin Komenda
Michal Stolba
Michal Pechoucek
Daniel Fišer
KEPS Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling Lukas Chrpa
Ron Petrick
Mauro Vallati
Tiago Vaquero
PlanRob Planning and Robotics Alberto Finzi
Erez Karpas
Goldie Nejat
Andre Orlandini
Siddharth Srivastava
PlanSOpt Planning, Search and Optimization Michael Cashmore
Andre A. Cire
Bram Ridder
Chiara Piacentini
SPARK Scheduling and Planning applications woRKshop Sara Bernardini
Simon Parkinson
Kartik Talamadupula
Hierarchical Planning Hierarchical Planning Pascal Bercher
Daniel Höller
Susanne Biundo
Ron Alford
IntEx Integrated Planning, Acting and Execution Mak Roberts
Tiago Vaquero
Sara Bernardini
Tim Niemueller
Simone Fratini
UISP User Interfaces and Scheduling and Planning Jeremy D. Frank
Richard G. Freedman
J. Benton
Ronald P. A. Petrick
XAIP EXplainable AI Planning Susanne Biundo
Pat Langley
Daniele Magazzeni
David Smith

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