How to design electricity markets for the distribution network?

Longjian Piao works on market design for DC distribution grids. Such grids are currently used only within single buildings, greenhouses, for street lamps, and on ships, but the rise of distributed generation (e.g. by solar panels) makes it interesting to also consider DC grids with multiple generators and users. If this happens, we need to establish simple, fair and transparent market rules leading to an efficient and reliable system. Apart from DC systems having a few peculiarities (such as low rotational inertia — so less stability, strict power limits and power–voltage coupling), this also provides a nice opportunity for a “green field” approach to market design for distribution networks. His journal publication provides a thorough investigation of the design goals and options and gives a few concrete potential market designs as examples that fit within this framework.

Apart from its obvious contribution to the design of markets for DC distribution networks, I think it also can give inspiration for design questions regarding AC distribution networks that struggle with local capacity and voltage quality issues.

Please have a look into Electricity Markets for DC Distribution Systems: Design Options. In Energies 2019, 12(14), 2640. MDPI.

Design framework for electricity markets (Figure is taken from cited article.)

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